June 14, 2016 China, Shanghai within the the Seventh International Exhibition Transport Logistic China 2016


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The International Conference Railway Business at Transit Speed is being held for the first time.

It is taking place as part of the major mobility and logistics exhibition Transport Logistic China in Shanghai.

At the event we will explain about the possibilities of the Trans-Siberian Railway. We will speak about why freight deliveries on this line are faster and cheaper, how logistics chains are organised and how prices are formed.

We will also discuss how and for whom the high-speech railway corridor Moscow–Beijing will be built, and what technologies and rolling stock will be used on this line.

Our target audience consists of industrial, logistics and freight-forwarding companies in Asia. At the centre of our attention are producers of high value-added goods (electronic equipment, household goods etc.) that are sensitive to the length of the journey and the ease of delivery, as well as companies that are located at a significant distance from major ports.

The conference is being held with the support of the Russian Railways under the aegis of the Coordinating Council of Trans-Siberian Transportation

Welcome letters

Dear conference participants and organisers!

The development of transshipments is one of the core business areas of Russian Railways.

This focus enthusiastically extends to shipments along the Trans-Eurasian routes between the countries of the European Union and Asia, including China. It is no coincidence that the top-priority projects for the Russian Railways holding include the development of logistics products that accelerate the transportation of freight in the “East – West” direction as much as possible.

We are endeavouring to ensure that this rail corridor becomes the fastest, surest, easiest means for the delivery of transshipments. I am confident that our joint work at the “Railway Business at Transit Speed” conference will facilitate the achievement of these goals. Here, we will discuss the technological advantages, price incentives and attractive turnaround times of transit service by rail.

The event is sure to be of interest to a wide circle of representatives of manufacturing and transport-logistics companies from China and the countries of the Eurasian and European Unions. I hope that the conference will be the impetus for the launch of new joint projects.

I urge all of the interested parties to engage in active dialogue, experience sharing and the fostering of direct contacts, and I wish everyone much productive work.


Oleg Belozerov
JSC “Russian Railways”



The International Conference Rail Business at Transit Speed is being held as part of the 7th Transport Logistics China International Exhibition for Logistics, Mobility, IT and Supply Chain Management

Transport Logistics China is one of the biggest mobility and logistics shows in the Asia-Pacific region. A biannual event, it is organised by the Messe München international expo agency.

More than 450 companies from over 40 countries take part as exhibitors. Some 17,000 visitors attend the show.

The event covers all the main types of transport. The business programme includes a series of discussion formats that explore aviation, automobile, railway and sea transport, the organisation of freight deliveries and the delivery of specialist freight.

The conference is being held in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre Pavilion E3, Hall M24

Terms of Participation

1st delegate 350 Euro
2nd delegate 300 Euro
3rd and each succeding delegate 250 Euro
Special offer for CCTT members 220 Euro

VAT inclusive

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Press Release

International Conference “Railway Business at Transit Speeds” to be Held on 14 June in Shanghai

15 February 2016Moscow

On 14 June 2016, Shanghai will host the international conference Railway Business at Transit Speeds for the first time. The event will be part of the 7th Transport Logistic China Exhibition for Logistics, Mobility, IT and Supply Chain Management. The conference will be supported by Russian Railways and the Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation (CCTST).

The key topics will be transit freight traffic across Russia and the Common Economic Space, as well as creation of the high-speed Moscow–Beijing route. The main focus will be on promoting the transit potential of the “1520 space” among production, logistics and forwarding companies from the Asia-Pacific Region (APR).

The management of Russian Railways and Chinese Railways, national companies from broad-gauge nations, including Kazakhstan and Belarus, and Russian companies providing integrated transit freight transport services will take part in the conference.

*Transport Logistic China is one of the biggest annual transport-logistics expositions in the APR. The event is organised by the reputable exhibition agency Messe Munchen. Every year, the tradeshow welcomes roughly 17,000 visitors. Over 4,000 transport experts take part in the business programme of the exhibition.


The Conference organizer is Business Dialogue. company. We are happy to answer all your questions and take into consideration your comments when preparing our events.

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